Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rating Comments

I think it is important to be balanced, even if you are dealing with people as idiotic as the writers and readers of The Daily Mail. So I will concede that whilst the content makes my eyes want to dissolve as I struggle with depths of hatred displayed on that site, the actual website itself works quite well. There are a number of good features, including - as the Moai points out - a search engine that happily throws up numerous examples of hate articles in moments.

Another feature I like is the facility on the comments section, where you can give the comments you like a green thumbs up, and the ones you don't a big fat red thumbs down.

Now, I'm not for one second arguing that the readers of this blog should go onto the website and mark down all the crass, vitriolic hate-filled comments. Partly because even the numb-nutted twunts commenting on The Daily Mail website have the right to have their opinions heard. But more importantly, there are just too many crass comments to even begin to vote them down.

What I would say, though, is this - if you are on that website and see a good comment, encourage both the author of that comment and others to read that comment by giving it a big thumbs-up. And you will normally be able to tell which are the most rational comments. They'll be the ones with very few votes...

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