Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Creating problems

The Mail has a wonderful tendency to shoot itself in the foot from time to time, and thanks to the wonders of their own, surprisingly efficient, search engine, one can usually spot this and find the right evidence. Thus:

'Parents are calling for more men to become teachers because they fear their children lack male role models, research showed yesterday.' link

Well, yes, why not? Male teachers are, apparently, a good thing. But, why are men put off teaching? What has created this atmosphere of mistrust, where a man who wants to work with youing people is regarded with immediate, deep, long-lasting, kneejerk suspicion? Well, let's do a search on the Mail website.

The Mail has a depressing large effect on the perceptions of a worryingly high percentage of this country. And this story is a very good illustration of this point.


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