Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Comment of the Day

Or, perhaps, Moron of the Day would be more appropriate.

A comment from someone called kay from an article about a tall woman granted asylum:

how comes she is receiving benefits and has a house, and our own children can not get on the waiting lists
Your children can't get on the waiting list for a house, eh? Maybe you should try applying, kay, because you (and I'm making a big assumption here) are an adult. For some crazy motherfucking reason people are reluctant to give houses to kids...

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Blogger david cameron's forehead said...

What pisses me off about these racist morlocks who say immigrants are keeping them out of council houses is the way they assume they should automatically get a house, the government should just magically give them one. You could well argue that immigrants shouldn't be housed by the state, but why should BNP voters none of whom have done a day's work in their lives?

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