Monday, January 05, 2009

They make it far too easy

One of my new year resolutions is to blog at least once a week, and, seeing as I have the inestimable Nameless One now living around the corner from me, I might have to actually do it. But, of course, sometimes, the Mail gifts you a story that is so gloriously barmy, that blogging about it is a pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Sex clinics 'to open' in EVERY school so pupils as young as 11 can be tested... without parental consent


It's sheer Daily Mail reader bait, with 125 comments so far. There are some truly barmy statements in its as well, such as:

'It found that single-sex, faith and independent schools were less likely to have clinics. ' - and this is a good thing? Does this mean that we can expect a middle-class, god-bothering baby boom shortly?

'Some colleges offer condoms only in emergencies but others provide them in vending machines. ' - isn't it a bit late by then? Putting a condom on post coitus does not strike me as massively effective, but, what do I know? Oh...

'A major study in the U.S. found the evidence was 'not strong' that clinics increase contraceptive use or bring down teen pregnancies. ' - but there IS evidence. F*cking morons.

'Confidential clinics in schools are part of a mix that is removing the restraints which previously limited underage sexual activity. - bloody hell, now it's all getting a bit kinky.

But, dear readers, the best bit is undoubtedly the pictures. My sweet Lord. Look at that first one, on the stairs. What sort of audience are they trying to attract?

So, we gather that the Mail is very much opposed to teenagers rutting. Which is fair enough. But, if that is the case, what is THIS recruitment advertisement all about? I quote:

'The Morris Ring is hoping a winter recruitment drive could attract some new younger members in time for the spring when most troupes perform the dances they have been practicing.
Paul Reece, chairman of the Advisory Council of the Morris Ring, said: 'There is still time for new blood to get ready for the Spring fertility offensive.'

Ye Gods!

They make this far, far too easy.


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