Thursday, December 06, 2007

Take a look at this article in The Guardian, which deals with Sir David King's attack on, amongst others, The Daily Mail.

Of course, I enjoy reading anything that has a pop at The Daily Hate. But there is a very interesting comment in the article from King:

King said the Daily Mail had waged a "brilliant campaign" on GM food. "The use of the word 'Frankenfood' by the Daily Mail I would have to say was a piece of brilliant journalism. It brought through all of the fears, these gut fears, about tinkering with the genetic code and these mad scientists in their laboratories."
We can attack The Daily Mail and other hatemongers in the media for their angry, poorly researched ignorance, but actually they know exactly what they are doing. They very carefully, very clinically, provoke people to rise to their ignorant, ugly campaigns.

Which is what makes them all the more dangerous.

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