Thursday, March 22, 2007

My daughter will never have sex! It's UNNATURAL!

The article is here, and it's a gem of eye-poppingly idiotic righteous indignance.

'...In the pink paper bag were two condoms. She is 14.'
Old enough to conceive then. Right. Would you like her to?

'I don’t mind the information on chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases that was in Belinda’s goody bag. Or the description of the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy. I don’t mind the leaflet of family planning clinics and morning-after pill chemists.'
Ooh, you are broad-minded. So you have grasped that sex can occasionally equal the clap, then.

'There are definitely some girls - though very few - in my daughter’s year of 14 and 15-year-olds who are already having sex. But I do object to the condoms, which simply amount to a bagful of encouragement. If we’re talking traffic lights, they are a green light for under-age sex.'
Do you REALLY think that a teenage hormone bomb is NOT going to have sex UNTIL somoneone gives her a few johnnies?

'Sex is being portrayed to our children as somehow irresistible, so seductive that you might as well get on with it and just do your best to escape any consequences.'
It IS, you f*cktard. That is the POINT.

'No one tells them the heretical truth - it in all probability it will be no fun at all.'
So, because your sex life is crap, you believe your daughter's will be too? (WHich begs the question of where this writer's daughter came from, but I digress.)

'In fact, teenage pregnancy and most STDs have risen throughout the time our children have been exposed to inappropriate material in schools.'
So has atmospheric CO2 concentration. Maybe it's all the gasping and panting.

Here's a revelation: teenagers shag. All the time. Not half as much as they would like to, or say they do, but they do. And if they are going to, it's a bloody good idea that they have some condoms to hand.




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