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Richard Littlejohn Deserves Shooting

Via Mr E, I discover this piece from Richard "In No Way Was I Bullied At School Over My Surname" Littljohn. Having read it, I would suggest that everything Mr Eugenides says is 100% correct. But what Littlejohn says is so reprehensibly sickening and pig ignorant that I just have to a wee pop at him myself. Not least because he wrote the piece for The Daily Hate.

"Let's get the caveat out of the way from the off. The five women murdered in Ipswich were tragic, lost souls who met a grisly end. I sincerely hope whoever killed them is caught, charged and convicted."

Well done, Littlecock. What do you want in return for this painfully obvious statement? A shitting medal? Mind you, it says something about Littleknob that he is so hate-filled that he has to clarify to his readers that he does favour murderers being caught. Just in case they need wonder where he stands on the subject of serial murder.

"No one with a shred of humanity would wish upon them their ghastly lives and horrible deaths. But Mother Teresa, they weren't."

No, Littletodger, they weren't Mother Teresa. I'm not Mother Teresa either. But, given you are such a complete and total cunt, Littlecock, I would say you are not Mother Teresa either. Mother Teresa was an exceptional human being. Few would compare to Mother Teresa. The implication of this is bold to say the least: if you are not Mother Teresa you deserve to be murdered...

"And I know this might sound frightfully callous in the current hysterical, emotional climate, but we're not all guilty. We do not share in the responsibility for either their grubby little existences or their murders. Society isn't to blame."

No, Littledick, we are not all guilty. In fact, if you really think hard about this (with your brain, Dicky boy, not with your no doubt miniscule meat and two veg) the only person to blame is the murderer. What with him doing the killing and all.

"It might not be fashionable, or even acceptable in some quarters, to say so, but in their chosen field of "work'=" (sic), death by strangulation is an occupational hazard."

An occupational hazard?? This defies belief. I cannot think of the words to express my disgust. So I will turn back to Mr E, who states Littlejohn is "an utterly worthless cunt. (He is) less valuable, 'in the scheme of things', than the little solidified fragment of shit that I had to pick off one of my arsehairs yesterday morning."

Sadly, Littlejohn goes on:

"That doesn't make it justifiable homicide, but in the scheme of things the deaths of these five women is no great loss."

And in the grand scheme of things my death is no great loss. And your death, Littlejohn, is not only not a great loss, but actually something to celebrate. Who will join me in quaffing liberal amounts of champagne in a dance on Littlejohn's grave on the wonderful day when he finally finds his natural home - six feet under?

"They weren't going to discover a cure for cancer or embark on missionary work in Darfur. The only kind of missionary position they undertook was in the back seat of a car."

As an aside, how many people are going to discover a cure of cancer? I mean, I'm guessing not a lot. But I would say that these people will probably achieved more in their tragically short lives that Littletodger ever will. Because through whoring they may just have given five minutes of pleasure to some divorced, sad old man somewhere. Which is more that your hate-mongering will ever offer anyone, Littlejohn, you sanctimonious fucktard.

"Of course their friends and families are grieving. That's what friends and families do. But they should also be asking themselves if there was anything they could have done to prevent what happened."

You know what? I'll bet they are asking those questions. But I am fairly sure that the last thing they need at the moment is to be patronised by the likes of Littleknob.

"If you discovered your daughter had gone on the game to feed her heroin habit, wouldn't you move heaven and earth to get her off it?"

Well, yes. But present us with the evidence that these parents didn't move heaven and earth to get their children off heroin (and other drugs). Littlecock speaks with the all the authority of someone who doesn't have a fucking clue what they are talking about. I sense Littlejohn has never had to face the demon of addiction in his family. I sense he doesn't know that the only person who can do something about the addict is the addict themselves - when they have hit rock bottom and want to do something about the addiction. And I sense that Littledick doesn't realise that hitting rock bottom comes for some people before they start walking the streets, and for others after they sell their bodies.

Which makes it tempting to wish that someone from Littlejohn's family develops a crippling addiction and ends up walking the streets - just so someone can take this article and make him eat his fucking words. But I will stop short of actively wishing this myself. Because it is Christmas. And only because it is Christmas.

"Frankly, I'm tired of the lame excuses about how they all fell victim to ruthless pimps who plied them with drugs. These women were on the streets because they wanted to be."

Oh yes, I am sure they woke up each morning and went "yes! I get to sell my body to sweaty perverts today! Hooray for life! Hooray for me! Double Hooray for whoring!"

Littlejohn, you are a worthless cunt.

"We are all capable of free will. At any time, one or all of them could have sought help from the police, or the church, or a charity, or a government agency specifically established to deal with heroin addicts. They chose not to."

Ok, the police may have been a difficult option as both their jobs (whoring) and their hobbies (drug addiction) were against the law. The Church tends to favour helping those who believe what they believe, and again, frown upon whoring and drug taking. As for the charities/government agencies - they can only really help when someone has hit rock bottom and wants to beat the drugs. As sad as it seems, these girls had not hit rock bottom and were not ready to be helped. I agree they had a choice. I do not agree that they deserved to be murdered for their choices.

And whilst he (just) stops short of saying it, the basic message from Littlecock is "these girls deserved to be murdered because they were drug addicts and prostitutes". It is the ultimate cowardice of the likes of Littlejohn. They hint at what they mean, but just stop short of saying it.

"The tortuous twistings of the sisterhood over the past week have been a joy to behold. The 30-yearold (sic) Spare Rib T-shirts have been brought out of mothballs and we've been treated to the All Men Are Bastards/Rapists/Murderers mantra from assorted Glendas who ought to be old enough to know better."

Oh, I agree that the argument that all men are rapists is utter nonsense. My problem lies in the fact that I haven't heard it made in relation to these muders. Maybe I just read different publications to Littlejohn, but I would love him to cite his sources with something other that a cliched insult.

"We've heard the well-rehearsed arguments for legalised and regulated prostitution, as if we were living under the Taliban. The fact is, we've already got de facto legal brothels on every High Street. They're call saunas or massage parlours."

What, really? On every High Street? Fucking hell, I have never seen one on a High Street. And I have lived all over the UK. Not sure whether this means I am very unobservant or whether Littlejohn is looking for different things from a High Street to me...

"As I remarked when the Labour MP Joe Ashton was once caught in a Siamese "sauna" in Northampton, he must have been the only man in Britain ever to go to a massage parlour for a massage. It doesn't get much more glamorous than that."

Not really sure how this advances your argument, Littlejohn, so let's file this comment under "self congratulatory wank". You total twat.

"These five women were on the streets because even the filthiest, most disreputable back-alley "sauna" above a kebab shop wouldn't give them house room."

Ok, prove that. Prove that the kebab shop owners (some of whom will no doubt be horrified to learn that they have brothels upstairs, but no doubt in Littlejohn land, all kebab shop owners are pimps) wouldn't have these girls. Or shut up, and stop making unsubstantiated claims against the dead.

"The men who used them were either too mean to fork out whatever a massage parlour charges, or simply weren't fussy. Some men are actually turned on by disgusting, drug-addled street whores. Where there's demand, there'll always be supply."

And your point is? Of course there are people who will pay for prostitutes...

"This wasn't a case of women going on the game to put bread on the table, or to look after their "babies". That's what the welfare state is for. They did it for drugs."

Again, this is a bit of an unfounded accusation. I am sure that these women were on the streets because of their addictions, although whether this was the sole reason is open to debate. And the only people who could answer these questions, one way or another, are dead. Which is kind of handy for Littlejohn...

"The gormless Guardianistas simply refuse to confront this blindingly obvious reality. They would rather deify celebrity druggies such as Kate Moss and Will Self than face the truth that hard drugs wreck lives."

Drugs do wreck lives, and are currently wrecking the life of Moss's on/off boyfriend. No argument from me there. What I do object to is the implication of taking drugs and being murdered by a serial killer...

"What I find most objectionable about all this is the attempt to make us all feel responsible for the murders. There is a nasty whiff of Lady Di about the enforced mood of mourning, with even the Old Bill coming across like hand-wringing archbishops."

Well, Littleknob, nothing I have read has made me feel responsible for the murders. Mainly because I am not responsible for the murders, and am not so paranoid that I think that anyone questioning how society deals with prostitution and/or drugs is actually a personal attack on me. And for what it is worth, I think the police response to these murders has been professional and extremely capable. Compare it to the Yorkshire Ripper Investigation if you want the proof.

"At Ipswich Town's home game on Saturday, there was a minute's silence. We were supposed to believe that this was a true reflection of the community's sympathy. I don't buy it. Most people went along with it in the spirit of emotional correctness and through fear of getting their heads kicked in if they didn't."

I am not for all these minute silences that we are having these days. It seems that someone gets a head cold and we hold a minute's silence for them. But I think a town that has had five of their citizen's murdered probably can make a case for it. And not everyone is so staggeringly insensitive and arrogant, Littletodger, that they refuse to honour a minute's silence that they do not agree with. I would not agree with a national minute's silence for these dead girls, just as I did not agree with the minute's silence for Holly and Jessica. That would not stop me joining in with a minute's silence for the five dead girls, just as it did not stop me from joining in with the one for Huntley's victims. I did it out of respect for other people and their feelings. Something utterly alien to Littlecock, it seems.

"There was only one thing missing, but don't bet against it. When Blair gets back from saving the Middle East, don't be surprised if he turns up at the funeral of one of these unfortunate women to deliver a lip-trembling, tear-stained eulogy: "She was the People's Prostitute"."

Yeah, yeah, very droll. Yes Blair is a publicity whore, and yes, he does want to jump on every populist bandwagon. But if Blair had an ounce of decency in him, he would get back to the UK and make a heartfelt apology for just one thing - that this nation has bred such an out and out, selfish, ignorant and dick-headed cunt as Richard Littlejohn.


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Misogynistic pimhole.

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An amazing article. Why is miniscule dick still even breathing? You would've thought he'd have been murdered by now.

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