Thursday, December 14, 2006

Daily Mail Journos Are Criminals

Lock 'em up and throw away the key.


To quote Iain Dale:

Following up my story yesterday (HERE) on the scandalous conduct of many of our national newspapers and journalists I can now exclusively reveal the contents of a report to be submitted to Parliament tomorrow by the Information Commissioner, which outlines the extent to which our national newspapers - and their journalists - are breaking the law to obtain confidential information illegally.

1. Daily Mail - 952 incidents by 58 different journalists
2. Sunday People - 802 incidents by 50 different journalists
3. Daily Mirror - 681 incidents by 45 different journalists
4. Mail on Sunday - 266 incidents by 33 different journalists
5. News of the World - 182 different incidents by 19 different journalists

I and the Nameless One tip the hats to you sir, for publicising the Mail's iniquitous lawbreaking tendencies.

I blame the parents. After all, don't they?


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