Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday round-up

Another solid week for the foamy-mouthed rag of choice, and here's some of the best from today's edition:

One in five at nursery don't know their age
Is this really a surprise? Most three year olds don't know what day it is, let alone how old they are! Still, the article includes some oddly non-xenophobic praise for the Japanese.

White bread increases cancer risk
Oh, I *do* love a bit of Daily Mail science.

'Scientists put the cause down to...' yes, of course, because scientists are a totally monolithic block of robots who all believe *exactly* the same thing all the time.

'The new study published in the International Journal of Cancer set out to investigate potential triggers of Renal Cell Carcinoma....' Ah, so, in fact they were looking at one particular form of cancer. Not all cancers.

'The study did not specify what type of bread people ate.... The study did not establish exactly what in bread may be to blame...' Well, the headline is just plain WRONG, then, isn't it?

Idiots. Someone is paid to write this!

If anyone from the Mail would like an elementary lesson in how to read a scientific paper, I am available at very reasonable rates....

Four out of five rape victims 'have been drinking', says Minister
Ah, the sinister, hateful, subliminal misogyny that the Mail revels in so much.... it's your fault if you get raped, you drunken trollop... sickening, just sickening.

'But Baroness Scotland said that, despite of this fact, rape is "never the fault" of the woman who suffers it.' 'Despite of this fact?' Great use of English, guys. And anyway, this nasty, weasel-worded caveat aside, you didn't put *that* in the attention-grabbing headline, did you?

Less than half manage basic GCSE English and Math passes
Hang on, I thought exams were too easy? Make your sodding minds up.

Anarcho's Cap has kindly sent in another contribution, which will go up as soon as I get round to it (sorry mate, my bad.) The Nameless Tory is on holiday growing a beard.

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Nice work old chap.

Actually, I have just shaved off the beard. Made me look like a bit of a tramp. Well, more of a tramp than usual. Rest assured the other holiday project (namely heavy drinking) will be resumed in about an hour.

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