Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comment of the Day #2

From a comment on the horrific shootings in Germany:

We are a filthy, decadent and depraved society. The question is not - how come these things occur? But how come they don't occur every day? So roll on consumerism, materialism, atheism - we ain't seen nothing yet.

- Joseph, Halton, England, 11/3/2009 13:59

Thanks for your insights, Joseph. Just to clarify - are you talking about British society? Because you might want to note that this happened in Germany. Unless you see Germany as identical to Britain... And nice to see that you are almost relishing the idea of further mass shootings to back up your incoherent burblings on consumerism etc. Still, there actually is a silver lining to these things happening every day. It increases the changes of people like you getting shot sqaure in the middle of your stupid, moronic fucking face.

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